About screw piles

Traditional piles come with a range of constraints that have long been accepted as part of the construction process – until now. Screw piles make light work of a large number of these problems.

Screw Piles are:

  • Fast to install
  • Create less mess and waste
  • Require less labour
  • Offer unlimited pile lengths
  • Create no excessive noise or vibration

The future of foundations

For those working on construction projects – either residential or commercial – screw piles offer a perfect solution. We believe they are the future of foundations.

Screw piles are especially well-suited for projects around Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and the Coromandel, where there are often environmental or historical considerations at play that require a gentler touch than traditional pile options can provide.

Industry leading suppliers

Screw Crew uses Helicast screw piles. Helicast is a leading developer of screw pile technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Helicast supplies multi-turn steel screw piles, which have a superior holding capacity to any other foundation system based on cost, speed of installation, and minimal soil disturbance.