Installers of screw piles for commercial and residential contractors throughout Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and the Coromandel.

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Why choose Screw Crew for your screw piles?

We believe screw piles are the future of foundations. Big claim, we know! But once you read these benefits, we have a hunch you’ll think so, too.

Improved timelines

Screw piles are significantly faster to install than traditional piles. That’s because screw piles go straight into the ground – no need to drill holes, dispose of soil, insert a reinforcing cage, or fill the hole with concrete.

No vibration or noise

Screw piles eliminate the problem of excessive vibration and noise. This keeps the neighbours happy, and helps near sensitive sites, for example protected environments, historic buildings, and hospitals.

Higher load bearing

Screw piles offer a range of applications for structures where the foundation soils have inadequate bearing strength. This means they usually have higher load bearing than other foundation types.


We engage an accredited geo and structural engineer to complete our designs. They advise us through the entire process, providing us with PS1 and PS4 certificates.

Step 2: Testing

We complete screw pile loading tests using certified equipment. Testing is overseen by the engineering team to ensure correct design for your installation.

Step 3: Installation

Screw piles are installed using specialised equipment. We use a range of machines to allow for many different sites and pile lengths.

Step 4: Solutions for your design

We work alongside your design and provide engineered solutions for concrete and timber floors as well is bracketing systems for walkways and decks.